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Experience SOMA: Healing Music for Sleep and Meditation

SOMA is a unique immersive audio experience created to help the mind and body ease back into its natural balanced state, encourage resilience from stress and healing from trauma. Music is a powerful healing force and has helped me dramatically shift my own struggles with insomnia, anxiety, and effects of stress and trauma/PTSD. Making and sharing this music is part of my personal mission to help others with similar issues. 

May this music help you revitalize, reconnect, and relax into restful sleep or meditation.

Sincerely, Brindl (SOMA)

SOMA is a gentle reminder that the body and spirit can be restored to its natural balanced state and an affirmation to the healing power of nature and music.

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SOMA story

I am a California based composer, musician and songwriter. Music always was a strong healing force in my life, as a listener and composer. I have been playing piano and writing music for two decades. SOMA music project was born out of my own healing journey searching for cures to insomnia, anxiety and effects of PTSD and research into ways to help heal the body from stress and trauma. My intention is to create music specifically for relaxing the body and retraining the nervous system to stay in a regulated, relaxed state, as well as encourage meditative and sleep states. I am honored to share this music that helped me heal my sleep issues and find more calm in my life.

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