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SOMA story

SOMA music was born out of my personal journey healing from childhood trauma, insomnia and a chronically dysregulated nervous system. Listening to relaxing music at night was one way I began to heal from these patterns. The music of SOMA is created with the heartfelt intention to share the profound healing I have found through music with others in need. “SOMA” is the Greek word for “body” – Many experiences of our modern life disconnect us from our “somatic” bodies, including trauma, chronic stress but also separation from our natural world. Quality sleep is the foundation of healing any imbalance and the time when we do our deepest healing. Calming music paired with natural sounds can encourage our bodies to move from “flight or fight” stress states into deep relaxation and deep sleep, tapping into our natural source of resilience and healing. SOMA music can be used for sleep and is also effective for relaxation, meditation, yoga, and massage.

SOMA is an affirmation to the healing power of music and nature offered to anyone who seeks deep peace and healing.

(c) 2023 SOMA Sound