Soothing and deeply healing celestial soundscapes, soft blissful ambient music made for deep sleep, meditation, and calming the nervous system. Subscribe to SOMA on Youtube ✨ ✨ to deepen your healing journey with relaxing music for rejuvenating deep sleep and meditative states. Imagine yourself floating in a magical celestial space ~ stars and constellations sparkle and glow all around you. You are held in a womb of glittering stardust, gleaming atoms that all life was born from. Here you are never alone but connected always to the vast collective of life in the universe: all the dreams being dreamed, all the laughter and love being shared. We are connected as the miraculous human beings we are and our capacity to heal from traumas and renew ourselves, giving us another chance each new day to live more fully. The very nature of the universe is growth and we can rest well remembering this healing life force is at work while we sleep. Tonight sleep is transcendent – a deep reconnection and restoration of your true self. Rest well my friends and sweet dreams.