Immerse yourself in the relaxating sounds of “Mystic River” ~ healing ambient music with calming stream sounds for sleep and relaxation. ☾ Subscribe to SOMA for more healing sleep and meditation music ☾ This music is composed to relax the body and encourage the nervous system to come back into a state of balance for healing, meditation or deep rest. When we encounter stressful thoughts of situations during our day, we tense and can hold our muscles in response and our bodies stay on high alert. There are many ways we can help our body’s natural process of coming back to balance (or regulating the nervous system) from stress: deep breathing, mindfulness, movement (walking, yoga…), creating art, co-regulating with people/community we feel safe with, being in nature and listening to calming music. This is how we flow through life — paying attention to when we are triggered or tense and having these good practices in place to relax and release. What are some of the things that help you relax and come back to a restful more regulated space? May this music help you flow through and let go of any stress you are holding today and feel more connected to your deeper, resilient self.