Redwood Forest Rejuvenation ~ Lush ambient music and healing forest soundscapes, flowing streams and bird songs for deep relaxation and healing. 

Inspired by my hike and field recording session in the ancient redwood forest and visiting a 2,000 year old tree in the Jack London State Park in Sonoma County.

Feel the ground soft beneath your feet as you enter this quiet grove of ancient redwoods. Lush and teeming with life — just being here changes your body, your mood, your physiology. Your exhale is long and your muscles relax in the calmness and safety of these spiritual spirits.You can sit beside the tranquil trickling stream and close your eyes as you feel the soft breeze on your cheek. There is a moist sweetness to the air and the distant bird songs echo high above the forest floor. These trees have stood strong through many seasons, storms, fires, famines – their roots run deep and they are so tall you can’t see where the branches end. Sit quietly at the foot of this 2,000 year old tree and feel the spiritual strength and wisdom flow into you. Feel the same strength in your body and your spirit. We are safe here: grounded, protected, resilient.