The solstice full moon this year, (called the “Strawberry Moon” named by Native American tribes because June is the time to harvest Strawberries,) is a time of fertile energy and high creativity. Cultures have been celebrating and honoring the solstice since the earliest recording of history — building temples (like Stonehenge in England) aligned with the celestial alignments of the moon and sun. Let this sacred healing music and the summer solstice energy be used towards the positive change and deep healing you need right now in your life.


Credits: Original Music ⓒ 2024 SOMA Sound / Brindl Markle
Original Nature Sounds Recorded with a ZoomH4n or iPhone 11 in Northern California
Video credits ~ Partial Footage Licensed by MotionArray
Images Credits – iStock, Unsplash  ~  Image Collage and video editing: Brindl Markle

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