2 Hour deep sleep journey above the clouds ~ ambient soundscapes and healing sleep music to help you fall asleep and sleep deeply. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to feel the tense or heavy feelings in your body slowly evaporate, allowing your limbs and muscles to feel more light and buoyant. Imagine floating now effortlessly, above your bed, above your house looking down at the roof as you rise up, above your town until the lights are faint twinklings, and then finally above the highest cloud layer, stretched out like a quilted landscape of white. These billowing, beautiful clouds mute all the busyness of life below, and here we can experience the space between each of our thoughts and that space expanding into longer and longer stretches of peace. Feeling supported and surrounded, safe and serene in this world between the earth below and the infinite expansive universe above. The clouds around you are alive, moving effortlessly – transforming and breathing with you — holding you weightless as you drift into a deep and restorative sleep.